Wednesday, December 30, 2009
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So it is the last day of 2009. RECAAAAAAPPPPP!!!! 2009 has been a helluva year! Ups and downs. Started the year with a bang! So i'm gonna reflect on what I did.

This was the people I started the New year 2009 with...and will be doing so again this year!

I love'em


Sunway lagoon with college mates! Was awesome!


Fly Jentayu
This show was a piece by Ombak Arts Studio in conjunction with Women's international Day.


Manimal day rehearsals and show

This was an insane show! It was an abstract piece directed by Kent Tan on the irony of human life. Intense training. We trained so much! I had so many bruises that putting on clothes or when the cloth rubbed on my actually hurt! PAIN...but it was worth it! I pushed my body to the limits! That was the best thing about this. This, was the most challenging piece i have ever been part of! I understood my body even more, how it moves, what we take for granted. I remember one rehearsal where my palm bleeded....and I still had to continue the movement. Epic time!:)


Mom fell ill-bad times: stayed in the ICU for a week!

This was a very hard time for all of us. We got a taste of what it is like without. We had to cook, do chores, and the house was just not the same! Our routine was college, as for dad, work...then we'd head to the hospital, be with mom till they kicked us out and then head back, clean cook and sleep...and the next day, the routine would repeat. She was away for 2 weeks. Doctors could not give us any answers as to what's wrong, it was a 50-50 chance of her recovery. I thank GOD she's here with me now!!!


I had purple hair

This was fun! While everyone thought this was insane...i think it was FREAKIN AWESOME!!!! I wanted to do my whole head...problem was...the last stage of teh colour change was GREEN! It'd look like i'd have moss growing on my head! NA AH!

Surprise Birthday party from my loved ones! I turned 21!!!!!



Had a blast at the Sarawak Rainforest fest!!!

This was my fave group! MAURI!

Having a taste of sarawak Tuak at the Inn we stayed in!!!:)


Prepaaration to transfer to Perth began -it kicked in...i'm finally going!

The 3 of us...on a new journey-TOGETHER! IT WILL BE EPIC!


Rehearsals for Ko-tai

Me and Diyana fooling around during rehearsals

Ko-tai show!!!

PS: Of course there were a lot of wild parties and partying-too many to recap on! LOL

Tuesday, December 29, 2009
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First Ko-Tai sho was a succes! We had to run the show twice for the audience! Energy levels of all actors were awesome! :) I was pleased. Can't wait to hit the stage again on the 2nd Jan 2010!!! I am..sittng down...all excited for tonights rehearsal for teh next show...when I get an sms from one of the directors saying this- "KOtai rehearsal at 8pm tonite at panggung sasaran. Pls be punctual, got changes to work on." ahahah!

This should be the part where i scream and say NOOOOO!!!!!!! show is in 5 days frm now????!?!?! CHANGES!??!?! nyehehhehe.... Instead, i'm excited! LOL...even during the first show.....we added an extra scene few hours before the show. I love this! Keeps u on your an actor...i feel constant variation helps keep you in character. If not, one would take the role for granted and every movement would be just like acting out your memory. You loose yourself cuz u do the same thing a million times...It is like you could do it without thinking...and thats when all emotion vanishes- as thought you're in a state of trance.
Hence why I love working with Ombak Arts studio, you never knw what you're gonna get! I share the same drive and enthusiasm they have to make it BETTER!!! PERFECTION IS THE TARGET! TRY TRY TRY TRYYYYYYYYY!!!! Just yesterday...I was in gym....and like all gyms, mine had many NO ONE was there...I decided to practise for the show, and stage acting usually is over dramatizing all your actions. And there I was...doing my thing, and then and aunty comes along. I could have just died!!! She probably thinks i'm mad!!!! I stop and try to act as thought i was stretching la( FAILED MISREABLY MIND YOU!!!...she knew i was not stretching!) And she walks passed as though she didnt see anything- Which is a LIIEEE!!!! Cuz she jerked when she saw me...Oh the awkwardness!!!

Allrighty! Of to rehearsals!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009
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This is basically a 40minute musical dance-drama which traces back historical events that took place between independance day and present in PENANG!!! As usual, we use song, dance, and movement to present our research. This whole play is based on oral history that we've collected from penangites themselves. It was a long gruelling process and the end product is finally here! So please do come an join us!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009
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Past, Present, 2012
Doesn't the thought that the world ending in 2012 kinda spoil the fun outta life?

Well, for me, I would have just finished my degree 2011, and graduated. I'd work for a year plus...and then die!!!! And it is not like i'm doing a fun Artsy degree....I'm doing accounts. I wasted my life doing A-Levels science subject- phsyics, chem, maths...the works....then i kill myself with my accounting degree!! WWHHHAAATT THHEEE F*******!!! on the brighter side....err...I know it's here somewhere...where is it....if only i can find ot...wait ahh....LOL.
So after the movie, it got me thinking. I had to questions in mind.
Q1: If I could live my life again....what would i change?
Q2: If the world were really gonna end in 2012, how would I live my life henceforth?
Question 1, would I change any event in my life. Answer: No.
It is not because I've had the most perfect life. It is just a simple fact that I was shaped by even the most smallest of details in my past. Every event, be it bad or good has brought me here. Dare i say, I've understood myself more through all the bad/negative events that have occured in my life, rather than happy ones. Anyone can handle happiness and smooth sailing, but I believe we human beings are defined by our worst moments. Moments that test us, moments were we are compelled to make decisions, moments thats brings about harsh realizations. I've never had anything easy. All that I am, I worked for. I never got anything because I was someone's daughter, I achieved certain goals because of me. As a 21 year old, that gives me a sense of my self. A sense of self-actualisation.
I grew up real fast as a child. Everywhere I went, most over used comment, "you're very mature for your age". This comments started when I was 10 years old, and I've been hearing it ever since. At first, while growing up, I thought it as a form of formality, small talk, but as i grew up, i realised my friends didn't. How they perceived life, and how I did, there was a vast difference. I never exactly had 'besties' growing up-nor did I see the use of having besties. I've never had a fixed group of friends in my life. Every time, I'd hop from group to group- not on purpose, it just happens. This year....the 'besties' in January, June and now, are all different. I guess maybe because I need change. People aren't so open to change which is sad. Once they find their comfort zone, the tendency to just dwell there becomes almost a natural course of action. I can't do that. My ideologies change, view in life...everything!
Just a week ago, someone told me that I "still have a long way to go". Don't we all have a long way to go? Is not life but a process of learning. A gateway of knowledge just waiting to be downloaded into our minds. We're all learning, everyday, every second. Of course I have a long way to go, the world, the universe! I can live forever and still discover new things about life, and myself. I do not think one can judge a person based on the length of time she's lived on this earth, but rather the experience she has had. I'm not saying I have experienced it all, but I do think I can give sound opinions. Some did tell me I was pretty philosophical for my age! LOL!
I think, people should not take me for granted. Beneath this loony girl, is a whole lot more of complexities that even perplex me!!! ok...this can go on....
Question 2, assuming the world is really gonna end 2012, what would I do?
Honestly, what can you do? I'd live my life the way i've always lived it-by my rules. No reason for me to throw away my goals and deviate from my principles. Honestly, If u think about it. Death is inevitable, sooner or later, we're bound to stare at it in the face! So if we have lived our lives all this while normally with the full knowledge of death at hand, why should it be any different if the world ends 2012. Of course the thought of how we'd die does scare me, but wht can you do? This time it is outta our hands. It's time we man up to all the pain we caused mother nature and face the consequences.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
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I'm tired! i just Joget-ed the night away! I'm doing a show again! WOOHOOOO!!! Finally...the only thing I feel comfortable comfort zone...the stage-performing...its my zen! hehhehehhe.... so u knw that joget makes you SWEAT!!! After just a few minutes of joget-ing...I was sweating to the core!!! WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT!!!! IT'S NUTS I TELL U!!! Never under estimate the power of traditional dance!
It so hard! I'm damn KAKU! I look like a stick...freaking stiff!!! The hall where we rehearse has mirrors at the it is kinda hard not to spot a purple blob at the corner of my eye from teh reflection and OH MY GOD! I look BAD!! BAADDDDD!!!! I can't freakin move right!!! so...guess what i'll be doing this whole week....YES! JOGET-ING my life away!!!
ok...So for my play, I need to memorize a few patriotic songs fromm Jimmy Boyle, Ahmad Merican and Johar Bahar. Is it just me...or do they all have NEARLY THE SAME LYRICS...and NEARLY THE SAME TUNE!!!! I keep on messing up the tunes with the song!!! FREAKIN CONFUSED AT THIS POINT! I sang and sang..till I came up with my own freakin tune- I didn't know what I was singin anymore!
ok off to bed!!! my ass hurts frm all the bending cuz of the JOGET!
PS: Here's a thought...One malaysia....sounds like communism no? LOL

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