Tuesday, July 21, 2009
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I'm really confused now. A lot of people are telling me a lot of things...I dunno hw I should act. I don't wanna let people get the wrong idea of me.... But some say my actions suggest something totally different....but I don't mean on doing that...its just...ME being me.....How should i act? Keep my guard up? Keep my distance? This sucks man....Why is it as u grow older...life just gets so complicated.....I'm a really easy going and naive person...i just don't see things that quick...cuz maybe i just don't believe that THAT would ever happen... adduhh..sakit kepala man! ahahha

Sunday, July 19, 2009
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As usual, I had a sudden urge to change my look completely...cut it short and go red!! I'm on fire babeh!!!!!

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Hey hey hey....god..its been so long since a blogged... a lot has happened.

First..it is penang's one year aniversarry being the custodians of the world heritage site! woohoo!! Of course a celebration was in order. So we had the usual formal ceremony at town hall, but somehow this year it was very relaxed.

Last year, Yu Jean and I hosted a little segment, and since it was a government event, we had to follow a lot of protocol. We had to sort of censor or speech during the rehearsals...and on the actual day blurt out what we really wanted to tell the CM. ahahah.....Sort of like 'kutuk'-ing them on what they are doing wrong..but presented in a less harsh, or a 'young people's wish' format. Yeahhh.....I remember, last year..even the very last minute before we left of...Janet Pillai, our Heritage Queen, was editing our speech! But we pulled through....ahahahha! GREAT TEAM!

BBBUUUTTT...this year i had to do it...ALONE! :(
However, as mentioned, it was much more relaxed, I came in the last minute, memorised my lil speech and that was it. Of course, CM didnt even pay attention to a thing i said...everyone was paying attention..EXCEPT CM! He was to busy whispering to some guy....I wanted to go "DEY MACHA!!! ... ahahah...boy... wouldn't that be fun!" I feel very strongly about out heritage, i may be a modern chick and all..but seriously, i grew up in georgetown.

Since I was a lil 13 years old kid, every school holidays i'd join every anak-anak kota project i could. I love it, the research , the compiling, meeting people, looking at cultural patterns, amazing!!! It has shaped me...it has made me who I am, I can't really tell you how or what exactly shaped me...but it kept me grounded... And to see precious buildings turn into hotel for tourist is just..arrgghh!

We got the world heritage title because of the living heritage, because of the people who are living in the inner-city. If we take them out of there, would we not lose what made us the world heritage site in the first place. Georgetown will be incomplete without its living heritage....without its people...it residents. That was basically what we we're trying to tell them, hope my 'wish list' to the Penang Government is taken seriously :)

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