Saturday, January 9, 2010
Posted by: Natasha
Time: 11:34 AM
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3.35am...and I can't sleep
Why hello there My blog. Yes it is 3.35am and yes u guessed correct... I can't sleep...YET AGAIN....haiizz...
What was that? Owh...'Why' u ask? Well, as usual, my mind does not want to stop thinking. It refuses to shut down and give me peace!!!!!!! It is infact causing me even more confusion! Sometimes, I do wish I stop over-analysing things and creating to high goals. Damn annoying!!! The amount of sleepless nights I have! AAAAAAAHHH!!!
So here I am, online, facebooking, sipping a cuppa green tea. Trynna calm myself from all the hullabaloo in my head!

ur average girl still searchin for answers to questions she does not even know...

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