Saturday, January 23, 2010
Posted by: Natasha
Time: 7:37 PM
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What a crazy night I had last night!!!
First Me, Honey, Maal and Benny headed to the beach for some fun time. Sea breeze, sand between your toes while you're high on wine is just the absolute combination for a total chill time. Not to mention having ur Giggly GF(Maal) on your side makes it all more fun! We were just laughing and falling all over(not like we needed wine for that la...Cuz we are generally high on life..nyehehhhe).
Secondly, after our wine fiesta! We headed to MOIS- while high on wine- STRAIGHT to the dance floor! We danced the night away! EPIC! I have not had so much fun!!!!
But, between this Party and happiness. We both had come to a complete understanding on what friends are and what we meant to them. After wine, before MOIS, in an instant, we lost 2 friends due to what...even I don't know. All I know is, I don't know them at all, and neither do they know us. It was sad but rather the disappointment consumed us. I wished I'd realize this sooner, then I would have not wasted all the precious time i'd had with'em.
In all my years, let me tell what friends DON'T DO:
1) They don't abandon you
2) They are not embarrassed by you
3) The do not have double-standards towards you
4) They do not trip you, but rather they should catch your fall
5) They sdo not just laugh with you and but cry with you as well
6) They do not LIE to you.
7) They do not cause you PAIN!
So, what does not break me, makes me stronger. Thinking about this whole situation does make me laugh a lil. It is all stupid really. Silly. Oh well, not everyone has a high enough mental capacity to realize the stupidity of their actions. Can't expect everyone to think maturely now, can we? Looks like...for some, the older you grow, the quicker your brain cells diminish. Hehehehe. have I learned from this.
I will still choose to love rather than to hate. To hate takes up so much of my energy, it is just not worth it. It is much easier to love those that deserve it, and ignore those that do not. DO NOT HATE!!! It consumes you.
I will not give up in the human spirit. I will still give everyone I meet the benefit of the doubt. I will not judge them for I have been judged all my life. I still believe in kidness and loyalty.
I have not and will not compromise my principles in life. Never have and NEVER WILL. If I do, I'd go againts every fibre i'm made of, I'd shatter me.
I believe actions speak louder than words. Seeing is believing anyway.
Life is a bitter sweet symphony :) I'm curious to know how my story will turn out. And that is why...LIFE IS JUST AWESOME.

Saturday, January 9, 2010
Posted by: Natasha
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3.35am...and I can't sleep
Why hello there My blog. Yes it is 3.35am and yes u guessed correct... I can't sleep...YET AGAIN....haiizz...
What was that? Owh...'Why' u ask? Well, as usual, my mind does not want to stop thinking. It refuses to shut down and give me peace!!!!!!! It is infact causing me even more confusion! Sometimes, I do wish I stop over-analysing things and creating to high goals. Damn annoying!!! The amount of sleepless nights I have! AAAAAAAHHH!!!
So here I am, online, facebooking, sipping a cuppa green tea. Trynna calm myself from all the hullabaloo in my head!

Friday, January 8, 2010
Posted by: Natasha
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Basically the opposition leader Khir Toyo is 'mourning' cause the high court allowed the use of the word 'Allah' in its weekly publication.

He says by allowing this it would cause, hear this laa..."DAMAGE, CHAOS AND CONFUSION". I laughed so hard when I read this!

- this info was taken from "The Malaysian Insider". Here is the link to read the full article.

Isn't it amazing that these people are constantly interpreting things on their own, coming up with their own rules and hence disrespecting the Quran and Allah's teachings! How dare they say it can't be used when God Himself never said so! He has many names, and not once did He say only muslims are allowed to mention his name. Technically, they are going againts Allah! They say we're now going in this whole 'ajaran sesat' shit, moving away from god's teaching...bla bla bla... But if you ask me, they are the one's who have left God's path a LOOOOOONNGGGG TIME AGO!

..and here's why...

1. Interpreting Quran to their whims and fancies!
2. Using religion as a tool to spread political beliefs and gain political support.
3. Use religion as an excuse to Kill others

And after all that, they still have the nerve to call themselves muslims...Disgusting! ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!!! Their whole conduct makes them 'syaitans'! Islam is a peaceful religion!!! Don't tarnish it with your foolishness and lack of incompetence!

The muslims call their creator Allah, and hence, that is how a muslim and any non-muslim would would adress Allah, with that term! After Sept 11, a lot of muslims claim that non-muslims have got it all wrong, islam is a peaceful religion, non-muslims should be educated, so they can see the light on what the religion is really about. Now, tell me, how can anyone get close to islam and understand islamic teaching when they are not even allowed to speak of it!!! Not even allowed to mention the Creator by his many names! RUBBISH! ALL RUBBISH! And he says "damage, chaos and confusion" Well the only people 'CONFUSED' are you and your peeps! And due to your confusion, you and your peeps are the ones causing 'CHAOS' and 'DAMAGE' on to others! Just because your faith or Iman can be shaken because a non-muslim uses the term 'Allah', please do not assume other muslims would as well. They are not as weak as you.
It makes me really sad to see Malaysians acting this way. ONE MALAYSIA my arse!!! As Malaysians, it is our culture to respect one another race and religion. We're so familiar with each others religious celebrations, prayers and rituals, it does not bother us...nor does it disturb our faith. But somehow, as we move to a new civilized era, the more uncivilized we've become. ....Wawasan 2020??? comments.

ur average girl still searchin for answers to questions she does not even know...

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