Sunday, September 27, 2009
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So...I've watched "He's just not that into you." ...good movie, but I have to say, the book is much much much better! It's should be every women's bible! Honestly, I notice how, many of girl friends love to come up with excuses for the guys they are interested in when he does not call...etc etc etc. It is the WORST thing we can ever do! I mean....if a guys wants you, he'll do every thing in his power to be with you, cuz you're just that worth it to him. If that's not the case...move on to something better!

Relationships are suppose to make you feel good, happy, complete. NOT send you into a windy maze of perplexities enveloped in mixed signals. In the book Greg says "if he's choosing not to make a simple effort that would put you at ease and bring harmony to a recurring fight, then he doesn't respect your feelings and needs." SOOO AGREEE!!! Relationships are built on respect and mutual trust! How can it work if he does not respect you and your emotions. If he likes you, I don't think he'll put you through such pain!!!

Then, there is this excuse that always we girls love to believe...'He has not called cuz he's busy.' Well, this is wht Greg says:

-if he's not calling you, it's because you are NOT on his mind
-'busy' is another word for 'ass hole'. 'Ass hole' is another word for the guy you're dating.

I agreee with this! I look at my parents and I want what they have. My mom does not tell my dad to call her, but my dad....being so in love with my mom, would call her or msg her from work...just tell her how his day is goin and ask her about her day :) .

With technology, don't tell me he cant take 1 minute to msg you and see how you are! I think we're all worth it! We should not settle for crap just because it is better than nothing. We deserve much better, and I bet we can get much better:)

"When a guy is into you, he lets you know it. He calls, he shows up, he wants to meet your friends, he can't keep his eyes and hands off of you"-Greg
If he aint acting like this...I think its time we focused our energy else where!

I'm not done with the book yet though...but...i'm loving it!

Friday, September 25, 2009
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This is what i posted on facebook....

FACEBOOK EXPERIMENT - If you are reading this, whether we do or don't speak often, please post your first memory of you and me and when you've finished, post this paragraph as your own status. You'll be surprise what people remember...
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Quist Chan Yu Yuin
I remembered the time when you approached me to talk about woman issues and how you were so passionate about it! I am really glad to have a friend like you my dear! Even though I am not there in Penang at the moment, hope that you would remember me too! Muaks and hugs!

Kevin Francis
I mistook you for another of Cheryl's friends and remember thinking at first glance, "Hmmm she looks different somehow. And a lot noisier too..."

Angel Karishma Kaur
When v first chat...n u were so nice to me..u interviewed me..haha..:D.. n i'm also happy 2 b friends with you...:D :D..*hugs & kisses*

Duncan Chan
Orientation day, first day of class. In b4 roleplay!

Wei Vern Hor
ECXC. "Man, this girl's loud." =)

Rohini Raj
LOL. I remember you in braids walking around on Sports Day in Std 4. You came to hang with us cos we were the only people who didn't bother to take part! :P ♥

Steven Razz
Hmmm. i remember it was December the 2nd. i was at ABN-Amro for the auditions to join in the multi arts programme. you had black hair and purple framed- glasses i think. funny freak. And i heard you singing It's the time to disco from kal ho na ho in malay. inilah masa untuk disco!

Steven Razz
december the 2nd in 2003... heheh KuchiBaba!!

Kane Azlan
Saw you walking in my dad's shop. You joined some star competition thingy. You looked at my dad and proceeded to go behind to the herbs section. My dad, with his intimidated face looked at me and said 'that woman can really talk la, lawyer's daughter wat'. I think he must've witnessed you indulging in some verbal argument with someone. LOL

Eugene Ong Jean Shing
somewhere in 2006 in kdu was introduced by alexis. That is all i could rmb.

Azreen H Yakuza
hopscotch near the canteen.

Natasya Halim
'My chemical romance' concert!!

Regina Ibrahim
owh lord i said, to myself, this gal is so brave to chat with me... normally lack of confident gal will avoid me.. and ur so kind to introduce me to all of ur gal friends... love the energy in u gal. always. never want u to be upset on anything...

ChawChern Wong
well well..first day finance class. with that woman with CRAZY eyes! i was saying to jimmy. cant this girl keep her mouth shut! u turned we kept quiet and i said hi :p somehow we started arguing over something and havent stopped since! lol

Sharon Xavier
You looked like a barrel of FUN!!!..

Natasha Khanum
I love all you guys!!!! :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009
Posted by: Natasha
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Raindrops keep falling on my head
For once....I wish people would stop expecting so much from me....JUST STOP!!!! I am my own person...I need a break sometimes. I've got my fair share of insecurities, PMS-ing friends, people that i have no idea wht signals their giving and the list goes on! Studies! family...the works! Cut me some slack... PLEASE! I too have my fair share of days when i'm down. I can't be cheering every1 up! I need cheering up too sometimes.... I can't be the one solving everyone's problem...I've got my own problems too. I just wanna run...Just nowhere...just run.

Sunday, September 20, 2009
Posted by: Natasha
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Well..its more than half a year from my first 'soul-searching' post, and I have to say, I aint anywhere close to any answers. I sat there, in my room, waiting to fill my transfer form to Perth, I leave in 4 months. I'm excited! I REALLY AM! NEW LIFE! NEW RESPONSIBILITIES! THE CHANCE TO GROW UP AND MATURE! BRING ON THE WARRR! But at the same time, i'm conflicted...I have no idea what's going on. It's hillarious actually...if only I knew the problem...but I don't. It's this feeling's neither here nor there, neither happy nor sad....its a very perplexed that I don't think any word has been invented for...numb? Yes...but not quite...

I have no clue what i want...what's my this life wht i want? WHAT IF i chose a different direction...I this point on, will change drastically, nothing will be teh same again..I feel it...I know it. Change is good....but I don't wanna live with 'WHAT IF I...". I want to do everything but where do I begin! DAMNN....Maybe i'm just to guarded...afraid that if i fall..not even my loved ones have the ability to pick me up. For I trust me...and only me. We come to this world alone...we leave on our...It just You in the end, alone. Gosh... I's so hard really.

How much more longer am I gonna be like this? 21-year old perplexed cokodok...haizz.
I help everyone with their problems. I'm on everyone's speed dial, but....I can't even help myself. Who do I call when I need answers. If only God received sms la....cis!

Friday, September 11, 2009
Posted by: Natasha
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So Shazwi, sent all of us a msg to Urge Najib To Act NOW Against Cow-Head Protestors. In my opinion, it is just a rellocation of a place of worship. We should be civilized and respect one another. Those protestors are NOT MUSLIM. They're act is not even close to ISLAM preaches. When i look at them, all I feel is Disgust, Sadness and Shame.

So anyway, this is how teh discussion goes.

Dzar 10 September at 14:41 Reply
how about jeff ooi...? how about one hindu who said that 5times azan a day sangat annoying...? ini tak menyentuh sensitivity islam kah..? why pick and choose only certain fraction to be taken action..? why not all..? kalau orang yang buat petition ni sincere dia akan campaign untuk tiga tiga golongan ni diambil tindakan.. shaz.. stop spreading this petitions.. go against them if possible! Mmg racist sungguh..

Shazwi Nabila 10 September at 14:59 Reply
y cant we be d bigger ppl in this? who cares if dey sed wutever they sed? y be ignorant??

as stated in surah Al-Anaam ayat 106-108. "Follow what is revealed to you from your Lord : there is no god but He : and withdraw from polytheists. And if Allah had pleased, they would not have set up others (with Him) and We have not appointed you a keeper over them, and you are not placed in charge of them. And do not abuse those whom they call upon besides Allah, lest exceeding the limits they should abuse Allah out of ignorance. Thus have We made fair seeming to every people their deeds; then to their Lord shall be their return, so He will inform them of what dey did."

Dzar 10 September at 15:16 Reply
look at the reasons why they been charged for.. sedition's.. so im talking about the reasons and the fractions that been charge.. clearly the AG's responds not based on that Ayat.. they never will.. unless if we're govern by PAS.. then it is possible action are taken based on what Al-Quran had taught us..

Ok now lets talk about using Quran as a reasons.. how about the fairness..? Keadilan dalam Islam adalah bukan konsep sama rata.. keadilan dalam Islam adalah meletakan sesuatu di tempatnya.. Islam menegaskan umatnya berlaku adil.. tapi bukan adil sahaja.. pada masa yang sama kesejahteraan.. you seriously think dengan wujud nya kuil baru.. membiarkan mereka bebas berkata kata mengutuk Islam akan mewujudkan kesejahteraan..?

Kalau nak practice Islam.. kena pastikan al-syumul wal Islam.. Islam secara total.. bukan choose and pick yang mana kita rasa sesuai.. sebab tu lah bala dok turun kat kita hari demi hari.. tengok apa jadi dekat UMNO sekarang.. sebab depa amalkan agama suku dunia suku la harini Allah nak tunjuk..

tapi u jangan salah faham pulak.. i tak kata i bersetuju dengan apa yang para protestant tu buat.. cuma i nak u tengok a bigger picture.. kalau u notice harini kita Islam diserang dari pelbagai suduh.. tapi nak buat mcm mana.. kita lemah.. kita tak berpegang kepada Islam yang tulen.. maka terima lah padahnya..

Natasha Khanum 10 September at 16:55
I think ur missing out on the bigger picture Dzarriff...its the muslims who are the biggest enemy of islam...they memalukan islam. Where do you see other races complaining. The muslims start it, u nak yang others buat apa...sit down and take it kah! i agree wif shazwi...we shud be the better than that!

Dzar 10 September at 17:24 Reply
Surah yang pertama selepas Ummul Kitab Al Fatihah dikenali sebagai Surah Al Baqarah. Surah Al Baqarah adalah surah yang membahagikn kategori manusia kepada 3 golongan. Pertama golongan beriman, yang menjadikan Al Quran sebagai petunjuk jalan kehidupan, yang meyakini perkara yang ghaib, mengerjakan solat dan mengeluarkan zakat.

Golongan kedua adalah golongan kafir-mereka yang secara terang menolak ketuhanan ALLAH dan mempertuhankan berhala, yang menjadikan manusia sebagai anak tuhan, yang menjadikan batu, kayu, lembu dan pelbagai haiwan dan lain-lain sebagai bahan sembahan.

Golongan ketiga dikenali sebagai golongan munafik, golongan yang nampak lahirnya macam Muslim. Mereka berjanggut serban, mereka melabel diri mereka Islam, tetapi merekalah golongan gunting dalam lipatan, golongan yang sebenarnya menghancurkan Islam. Mereka musuh dalam selimut, dan mereka ini lebih merbahaya daripada kafir kerana mereka berselindung dibalik serban dan janggut, mereka berhujjah menggunakan Al Quran. Mereka ini dila'nat ALLAH, dan tempat mereka didalam neraka wail, neraka yang paling bawah!

I think the fraction that you are referring to is the 3rd one Natasha. And i'm up for it 110% with u on this. But when u said, where do u see other races complaining, all i can say is..both you and me, we need to expend our readings.. almost impossible that u don't see this things happening.. The Muslims start what.. when and where..? If u r referring to the cow head protest, and u sincerely want justice then u ought to know that the usage of the cow head is not to discrete Hinduism.. it is merely an expression of anger by the peduduk towards the kebodohan Ketua Menteri Selangor. Mcm perpatah melayu selalu sebut, bodoh macam lembu.. not more than that..

The REAL CULPRITS are those who accuse cow head protester making a mockery of Hinduism!!!

Elya September at 02:25 Reply
Salam to those involved and been religiously responding your thoughts and views on this situation. Firstly, lets look at the the picture as a whole. its just some major communication breakdown and frustration among us all. We as Muslims should not act that way.

Yes, with all your quotes from the Quran may seem valid but we miss the whole point here, thats not how we react to the statements being made. The only reasons to why they said that was because they are frustrated too. And all of us who knows Islam to a certain point will also understand that the prophet would not have done it that way. We are supposed to respect their beliefs as long as we do not follow their ways but we have stooped low.

But lets not get into religion per se. We are all NOT PERFECT. What is the point of arguing with each other when the main problem is already clear here in this mini forum. We have to first see what is wrong with us. to correct such problems is to first look at ourselves and realize we arent perfect and we all have lil agendas that need settling.

So instead of saying i am right and you are wrong or you should look at this my way or his way or the cows way. I mean how would the cow feel. The cow provides for us as well do we hina the cow by shoving its head here and there?

Anyways instead of firing at each other lets save the ammunition and come up with solutions to go about this. By pointing fingers to this menteri or that person or this leader we arent doing anything to make the situation better. So lets all sit back relax and figure a way to be productive about this. We are the future for this nation this is our time to define change so such situations will hopefully not occur again.

Lets have peace, lets all calm down. nobody is wrong nor right we are all merely in the middle as we really did not know what transpired there and then. and the only reason why i am typing this shit long message is cause i dont even know why i was added in the first place as i dont know most of you.

Shazwi Nabila 11 September at 11:26 Reply
thank you elya!! i agree 100%! hv u read dis dzariff??

Dzar 11 September at 12:36 Reply
Yes shaz.. that friend of yours reason it quite well. But let me make it clear, my intention is not to point finger at anyone. Just that i wanna make it clear that the intention of the cow head protest was not meant to discrete Hinduism. It was meant for Khalid & Co, while emphasizing that the real culprits is the one that spin the whole thing, so that it will look as if the cow head protest was meant to discrete Hinduism. Yes of coz, we can chill taking it cool like u said so, but when u realize something is misleading people at large, i took the liberty to make it clear. Unfortunately disagreeing with some led to this lengthy discussion.

Elya 11 September at 15:14 Reply
Yes, pertinent point on explaining the fact that this whole thing got out of hand when people started understanding the whole cow thing wrongly. But then again Dzariff, think about this why would you want to protest with a cows head if there was no indication of pin pointing a sensitive part of the other religion. You mentioned that Islam is adil and sama rata and all that,very true i could not agree with you any less but for them to actually want to build a temple there means they own the land which we/anyone from Malaysia sold to them. Then how can we complain about them building what they want on what they own? You get what i am coming from? Fine it may be disruptive for us Muslims true but think of it this way? if it were you protesting would you have gone with the cows head or would you have used other more intellectual and less sensitive means to go about the situation?

Dzar 11 September at 15:48 Reply
As i said, they wanted to demonstrate their anger, in line with the pepatah saying 'bodoh mcm lembu, u cant expect them to carry kepala kerbau or anything else'. If someone rape my sister, i would definitely be furious, and i might acted beyond my limits, and that is not right. So the situation here are more or less the same, or shall i say worse, since it concern the religion instead of some individual. So its a bit illogical for you to expect them behave 'bersopan-santun'.

I'm sorry that i have to say this, but i just realize that u clearly not well aware of the real situation and you're merely making your own assumption when u mention "but for them to actually want to build a temple there means they own the land which we/anyone from Malaysia sold to them"

1) they do not own the land, it was owned by the state government
2) where do u learn that we can build anything that we want as long as we owned the land? Is not that simple.

And if it was me at their positions, i wouldn't go all break lose like that, i will take legal action. I will seek injunction and summon to stop Selangor state government from doing so.

Mengikut statistik, dalam negeri Selangor ada 4.3 juta penduduk. Daripada jumlah itu, majoritinya umat Islam sebanyak 2.5 juta dengan masjid hanya sebanyak 259 buah. Sebalik nya masyarakat Budha berjumlah 1.3 juta mempunyai 1,015 tokong. Kaum Hindu pulak, yang berjumlah 647,000 mempunyai 810 kuil berdaftar (ini tidak termasuk kuil yang haram dan tidak berdaftar!). Dan bagi 50,000 penganut Kristian di Selangor, cuba kira berapa jumlah gereja mereka! Malahan tuhan patung hindu yang terbesar didunia juga dok tersergam berdiri dalam negeri Selangor (ehsan daripada Kerajaan UMNo/ Be End dulu)! Itu pun umat Islam dikatakan masih tidak 'adil, masih tidak bertolak ansur!? - PKR MP

Natasha Khanum 11 September at 16:06
It is just a relocation of the temple! PLEASE!! Look....All they gonna do is pray...we as muslims SHOULD RESPECT THAT!
And all this low can u go la? seriously! So what if they own more buildings! ITS JUST BUILDINGS!!! IT DOES NOT BECOME STRONGER BASED ON HOW MANY MASJIDS WE BUILD! Its cant touch it....religion is personal...between you and god!

Elya 11 September at 16:13 Reply
Look Bro, this is getting a little personal and i do not appreciate that i mean let us be honest here. We as Muslims supposed to have this thing called kesabaran. If as i recall reading and understanding from reports cause i do work with MEDIA. These people yang protest were all orang yang pergi masjid. If so why are they acting this way. The keadilan comes to the point of reaction. We just buat malu kaum faham tak? kita semua educated kenapa nak berkelakuan macam ni? agak agak la kau nak argue pun. Kalau kau tak suka apa Shazwi hantar cakap kat dia lain kali i dont want to be included. Ini benda kecil kenapa nak jadi besar. Memang ada ketidakpuasan antara kaum atau penghuni di kawasan itu tetapi memang ada cara lain nak manangani masalah ini. Pendapat Shazwi, Natasha dan saya adalah sama. We are on the same wave length whereby we believe that that was just too extreme the way to protest. Statistics are what they are. True,fundamentals are it doesnt matter how many mosques you have or how little its how often you actually go to one and what u actually learn from it. i suggest this should stop,there is no point in this argument. So let her do what she wants and dont tell her what to do like to stop all these petitions its her choice and her belief ok?

Ramadhan ni bro tak guna kita bergaduh. kalau kau nak further cakap pasal ni message aku personally kita meet up and just exchange thoughts. wassalam

Dzar 11 September at 16:18 Reply
You're propagating respect, but you yourself do not demonstrate that. Yes of cause we need to respect them, who said bout disrespecting others when they wanna do their religious ceremony. If you talking about respect, u need to respect the people who lives there as well. Why pick only one group and show respect and ignore the other?

As for the stats just to show u that after all we're 'adil' since so many people accuse that the government being injustice towards certain fraction of the community. Total bull!

I respect when u have that thought of religion is personal and only between you and God. But hey, guess what? That is what u think, or at least your opinion and not mine. So u don't have to impose that idea of yours on me or others. By doing so, you might cross the boundary u know, ;) Now, that is something you SHOULD RESPECT i reckon.

Dzar 11 September at 16:21 Reply
Elya - bukan gaduh exchange thought saja.. will pm u..

Elya 11 September at 16:25 Reply
your writing tone does not indicate so. you just said not to impose a belief on to another but you have been doing that throughout. You send me a PM i as an intellect would like to have a sit down round table discussion with you. at least there the tone can be identified easier.

Dzar 11 September at 16:48 Reply
With that last reply from you Elya, I humbly excuse myself from this discussion. Sorry shaz and tasha for not singing the same song.. or dance according to the same tune..

~Make your own opinion. It just thoughts shared by a few muslims~

ur average girl still searchin for answers to questions she does not even know...

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