Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Posted by: Natasha
Time: 7:39 PM
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JOurney to the NExt ChapTer
It's 10.39am on a bright Thursday morning. I'm sitting in the hall, sipping on a nice cuppa green tea. Feeling very reflective today, so I thought I'd pay the old blog a visit. Much has happened since my last visit here. It's not on the past i'm here to dwell on, but rather the future. The most scrary and exciting part of it would be the uncertainty of it all.
I'm finishing my degree. I need to get a job. Will i get one? Where will I get one? Will i work in an accounting firm? Or should I just be greatful for any job? Where will I stay? Where should i apply to? All these questions. I have no clue. I dunno wht i'll be doing this december. Packing to stay or to leave? I was talking to Alexis(a friend of mine since we we're in kindy), and we're both confused. We have no idea where to begin. I guess, let the NEXT CHAPTER IN LIFE BEGIN!!! Hopefully I'm blessed enought to have things go my way:)

ur average girl still searchin for answers to questions she does not even know...

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